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Rate APR Points
5/1 Conforming ARM ($300,000 loan, $400,000 value)
2.500% 2.875% 0.000
Conv. 15 Yr Fixed ($300,000 loan, $400,000 value)
2.990% 3.039% 0.000
FHA 30 Yr Fixed ($289,500 loan, $300,000 value)
3.250% 4.284% 0.000
Conv. 30 Yr Fixed ($300,000 loan, $400,000 value)
3.750% 3.778% 0.000
Jumbo/High Balance 30 Yr Fixed ($600,300 limit, Salt Lake & Summit Counties)
3.750% 3.769% 0.000
Mar 02 2015, 09:25AM MT
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Today's Interest Rate News

March 2, 2015; 9:37am

Good morning!

Interest rate trends: Today – Higher; 10 days – Flat; 25 days – Higher

Interest rate recommendation:  Locking!

Mortgage bonds (MBS’s) came out this morning flat, but recently turned worse in a significant way.  Currently MBS’s are worse by -33bps.  It appears investors came out with a pre thought out plan for March because all the U.S. economic reports that I have seen came out worse this morning.  It also appears Greece will receive its 3rd round of bail out funds if current negotiations work out.  This will put Greece bailout funds between 330 to 350 billion euro.  Many lenders have now repriced for the worse this morning, as expected so damage has been done.  We will watch to see if it gets any worse as the day goes on or if we can get a bounce back.  Have a great day!