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Rate APR Points
5/1 Conforming ARM
2.875% 2.898% 0.000
Conv. 15 Yr Fixed
3.000% 3.115% 0.000
FHA 30 Yr Fixed
3.750% 5.298% 0.000
Conv. 30 Yr Fixed
4.000% 4.035% 0.000
Jumbo 30 Yr Fixed
4.125% 4.184% 0.000
Sep 18 2014, 09:08AM MT
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Today's Interest Rate News

September 18, 2014; 9:13am

Good morning!

Interest rate trends: Today – Higher; 10 days – Higher; 25 days – Higher

Interest rate recommendation:  Locking bias.

Mortgage bonds (MBS’s) are slightly worse today on mixed economic news, but favoring more positive.  After the Fed statement yesterday, the general concensus is that the Fed did a good job of avoiding saying much and the hype going into it was overstated.  Next month the Fed is still planning on wrapping up QE3 but maintain their position of keeping the Fed Funds rate low for a “Considerable time”.  Fairly positive economic news out of Europe is also hurting bonds as the European economy seems to be weighing more on investors minds.  European issues are not over and for those wanting interest rates to stay low, continued European woes are going to help.  Interest rates have worsened slightly, but nothing significant.  Have a great day!




























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